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Assistance services

Sale of travel insurance

  • we provide the opportunity to purchase a complete travel insurance
  • covering of all sports holidays summer and winter
  • a wide range of insured risks and a high insured sums
  • covering of acute conditions existing and chronic diseases
  • the insurance for seniors over 70 years
  • separate insurance cancellations, for example - Flight
  • enhanced cancellation protection - in addition to health problems as a reason for cancellation, for example also pregnancy


  • we provide a complete service associated with the processing of entry visa. We provide also the necessary documents and materials, depending on the legislation of the country of destination (for example: invitation letter, flight booking, accommodation booking). The client will be informed in advance, what kind of documents will be needed from his hand (for example: photographs, a valid passport with the required number of free pages, copy of the latest bank statement)
  • we provide assistance in filling out visa forms
  • picking up visas under the authority of the client

Airline tickets

  • mediation of airline ticket sales around the world

Interpretation and language support

  • for clients who are less proficient in foreign language, offers our agency the possibility of language support: English, German, Hungarian, Russian, French

Ensuring transfer to the airport

  • if necessary, we arrange a transfer to the airport or transport service
Please be familiar with the general terms and conditions of our services.

SOUTH AFRICA - All Inclusive

Season 2023 - all inclusive 4.590,- € »


Season 2023 - package for 10.500,- € »


Season 2023 - package for 2.990,- € »

SLOVAKIA - Fallow Deer hunting

Season 2023 - trophy till 3 kg 2.750,- € »

SLOVAKIA - strong Mouflon hunting

Season 2023 - up to 79,99 cm - 2.150,- € »

FINLAND - White tailed deer hunting

Season 2023 - package for 4.990,- € »

HUNGARY - Red Deer hunting - All Inclusive

Season 2023 - Red Deer 5 kg - 1.299,- € »


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